Mba- The Dilemma Of Specialization

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As the demand of Higher education is increasing, the course which is emerging as hot favorite is Masters in Business Administration (MBA). The MNC are just waiting outside the campus when these aspirants will get pass-out. The recruitment of MBA students have gone so crazy that even companies don't' get enough MBA student and have to return from the campus empty handed. Attractive high paying jobs along with good reputation in the society are among the top reasons to have MBA education.

When deciding the Specialization for MBA, there is always dispute in the minds of students. It is widely recommended that one should have specialization in which his/her interest lies, but still the aspirants run behind the monetary benefits after having specialization in a certain field. In this article we will explore most demanded specialization i.e. MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing, MBA in HR.

Finance has been ever green concept as because of the reason whose demand will never go out. Rising economic power of India has also significantly give one vote in selecting Finance as specialization. MBA in Finance proves to be very handy degree and an easy key to enter top MNC. Added to it is the fact that Indian market is ready for MBA (Finance) as most of the International Banks are entering India.

Talking about MBA in Marketing, communication skill and excellent convening power is the demand of the market. Promoting the organization, bringing revenue through sales is all responsibility of MBA (Marketing) guys. With the growth of company marketing degree holders surely have an upper hand for top managerial post. Only challenge in front of MBA (Marketing) people is that they have to perform, otherwise they are out of business. It is often debated that if marketing people are not there, then the finance people have no existence.

MBA in Human Resource, this degree is for those who love to have interaction of the people and ca mange them effectively. An HR manager is all responsible for manage the greatest asset of the company i.e. the employees. So the HR people are important for the smooth functioning of the corporation. The students with this degree have the responsibility to recruit, train, motivate the employees.
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Mba- The Dilemma Of Specialization

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This article was published on 2010/10/01